Volvo 245 GL
Cartoon Style Huxley's Volvo 245 GL, 1990

Volvo 245 GL, 1990

Volvo 245 GL

This cartoon style 3D model is inspired by one of a kind sports car, made by Marc Huxley from Worcestershire, England. He built this project in just 5 weeks, using Volvo 245 family wagon as a shell, and fitted it with powerful BMW V8 engine and suspension parts from Nissan. The front of the car is made of steel tube structure, BMW bumper and BMW E34 lamps, giving the car that agressive look.

The car was used to compete in British Drift Championship.

Watch a video about it below.

Hux's Volvo 245 from CarPromos on Vimeo.

Volvo 245 GL

Highly detailed cartoon style model of Huxley's Volvo 245

Volvo 245 rear view

Highest poly count of all Cartoon Car Models yet

Huxley's Drift Volvo 245

View Volvo 245 GL Cartoon Style Model in 3D

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