Jordan Ford 191
Cartoon Style Jordan Ford 191

Jordan Ford 191, 1991

Cartoon/Toy style Formula from season of 1991. For Michael Schumacher this was the first ever Formula 1 car he drove at Spa during Belgium Grand Prix.

Jordan Ford 191
Jordan Ford 191 cartoon style model

Highly detailed cartoon style model of Jordan Ford 191

This model has 4 levels of LODs and 10 liveries from 1991 season for this model. In Sketchfab player you see LOD0 model, details for triangle count for each LOD are listed below:

LOD0 - Tris 103k, Verts 55k
LOD1 - Tris 64k, Verts 34k
LOD2 - Tris 35k, Verts 19k
LOD3 - Tris 668, Verts 467

Paint .psd file contains UV guides and Ambient Occlusion layer, and a folder for each skin with separate layers for base color scheme and decals. You can easily turn off all sponsor names, or replace them with your own.

Texture sizes:
* Paint 4096x4096px
* Details albedo and specular map 8192x8192px
* Tyres albedo, specular and normal map 4096x4096px
* Rims albedo and specular 4096x4096px
* Brakes albedo, specular and normal maps 2048x2048px
* Carbon fiber albedo 1024x1024px
* Lamps and dash panel albedo 2048x2048px
* Steering wheel leather albedo and normal maps 512x512px
* Mirrors 512x256px

I have included simple mesh collider for body.

Jordan Ford 191 rear view

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