Cartoon Style Imola Race Track

Cartoon Race Track Imola

This is cartoon style version of Imola race track in Italy. This historic race track has seen several re-designs due to its dangerous nature.

Current configuration is 4th version of the track, with the original long, fast corners split up by series of chicanes. This track also is known for hosting the darkest weekend in Formula 1 history - qualifying and race sessions took 2 lives in 1994. After that weekend some serious changes were made to Imola road course that has been around since 1953.

This asset is a pre-built race track, and comes with many "standalone" objects you can use.

Basic workflow description:

You can assemble a complete race track within few minutes by dragging and dropping a set of prefabs into your scene. Those are:

* Base (road, grass, gravel, mountains)
* Colliders for walls
* Details
* Garages
* Houses
* Spectator seats
* Trees
* Tyres
* Walls

After placing the pre-built track components you can easily turn off some of them if you want to customize or optimize your scene.

Additionally, you can place individual object prefabs to further change the appearance of the environment. Here is the list of all available 3d objects you get with the track:

* 10 hot air baloons
* 3 small ad boxes for track side
* Large 3-sided sponsor banner
* 4 medium sized sponsor banners
* 2 wide banners for track name or sponsors
* 1 meter, 2 meters and 4 meters long metal barrier elements
* Barrier mounting pole
* 20 boards for different team names for garages
* 5 diffrent tree types
* Tyre barrier, 2 diffrent color tyre stacks and 2 different color single tyres for track side
* 12 types of walls - short, long, with or without safety fences
* Long and short turn warning signs
* Track crossing bridge
* Orange traffic cone
* 3 + 5 distance markers
* Start light set and pitlane exit light
* Garage building
* Start line and grid slot line
* Lamp post
* Metal pole for turn warning signs
* Paddock building
* Tower
* Pitwall (seats with tables for race engineers)
* Plastic block to use for track layouts
* Spectator seats - large and small
* White tent for mechanics or guests

What are the benefits of using this asset?

1. Ease of use. You don't have to spend hours sticking together straights and corners to make a race track. All you have to do is drag prefabs into an empty scene, and you have a cool looking cartoon track with road, grass, mountains, trees, garages, walls and everything else you might need. All what's left is to place your vehicle prefab and start testing.

2. Safety. If you have a scene with track built from separate elements, there is always possibility to corrupt the scene file, or run into compability issues after upgrading engine. If you lose your scene file, all your hard work is lost. With this pre-built modular asset, you will always have complete track after just a few minutes of work.

3. Separate objects. If you don't like the trackside object placement of default track, it's easy to turn off the elements, and place trees, walls, garages and everything else as you see fit. The limit is only your imagination.

Technical details

Complete track geometry:

Polygons: 998,815
Triangles: 1,533,207
Edges: 1,859,951
Vertices: 885,937

17 Materials

20 Textures:
* baloons.PSD - 1024x1024px
* banners.PSD 4096x4096px
* barriers.PSD 1024x1024px
* barriers_normal.PSD 1024x1024px
* garages.PSD 4096x4096px
* garages_specular.PSD 4096x4096px
* grass_1.PSD 4096x4096px
* grass_2.PSD 4096x4096px
* gravel.PSD 4096x4096px
* imola.psd 4096x4096px
* imola_colliders.psd 256x256px
* imola_ground_logo.psd 4096x4096px
* metal_fence.PSD 1024x1024px
* road.PSD 8192x8192px
* road_normal.png 8192x8192px
* road_specular.psd 8192x8192px
* rock.PSD 1024x1024px
* trees.PSD 1024x1024px
* tyres.PSD 1024x1024px
* tyres_normal.PSD 1024x1024px

Imola cartoon style race track model

Cartoon/Toy style version of Imola Race Track in Italy

First turn of Imola track

View Imola Cartoon Style Model in 3D

You can view the Imola model in Sketchfab real-time 3D player below. If you are Unity engine user, click the yellow button below to visit Unity Asset Store to purchase/download this track.

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