Ford GT40 MK1
Cartoon style Ford GT40 1966

Ford GT40 Mark 1, 1966

Ford GT40

Ford GT40 Mark 1

Highly detailed cartoon style model of Ford GT40

Ford GT40 was designed to take part in Le Mans 24 Hour race. It was produced from 1964 to 1969 to win the long distance races dominated by Ferrari, which won races from 1960 to 1965. Ford GT40 took victory in 1966. It was powered by V8 engine, modified for racing.

The name "GT40" comes from a fact that the car is only 40 inches high. To find out more about this historic vehicle I recommend watching "Ford v Ferrari" movie.

Ford GT40 rear view

View Ford GT40 Cartoon Style Model in 3D

You can view the Ford GT40 model in Sketchfab real-time 3D player below. If you are Unity engine user, click the yellow button below to visit Unity Asset Store to purchase/download this car.

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