Ferrari F40
Cartoon Style Ferrari F40 1987

Ferrari F40, 1987 (Type F120)

Ferrari F40 was introduced in 1987, designed by Leonardo Fioravanti and Pietro Camardella at famous Pininfarina studio. Production continued from 1987 to 1992, and it had LM and GTE race versions, that were produced until 1194 and 1996.

The car was designed in celebration of Ferrari's 40th anniversary and it was the last Ferrari car that got personal approval by Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari F40 is mid-engine, rear wheel drive 2 door sports car, able to achieve 321km/h thanks to it's 2.9 liter V8 twin-turbo engine with over 470 hp. Accelerating from 0-10km/h took 4.6 seconds.

Cartoon Ferrari F40, 1987

Highly detailed cartoon style model of Ferrari F40

F40 is the one of the most detailed models in my Retro Cartoon Car collection - 28 000 polygons with 8K texture. Model has separate doors, rims, brakes, tyres, windows, front lamps, blinkers, steering wheel and other smaller details. You can even put a vibration animation on engine. Model comes with a mesh collider and 8192x8192 pixel .PSD file with layers to edit everything.

Ferrari F40 rear view

View Ferrari F40 Cartoon Style Model in 3D

You can view the Cartoon Ferrari F40 model in Sketchfab real-time 3D player below. If you are Unity engine user, click the yellow button below to visit Unity Asset Store to purchase/download this car.

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