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Cartoon Style 3D Models Of Classic Cars

View and download beautiful, unique 3D models of classic, legendary sports cars.

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This collection started off as 3 fantasy cartoon style car models for Unity Asset Store, named "Retro Cartoon Cars". You can view the product page here. The look of the cars was inspired by late 1950s-1960s automotive design trends, resembling Cadillac and Trabant for two cars. Third vehicle was a small passenger bus and design is completely fictional.

Second Retro Cartoon Car pack received the first cartoon version of a real car- Ford Mustang 1969. There were also two pickup truck models included, but the Mustang was the main selling point. Since then every 3D model in Retro Cartoon Car lineup is an artistic version of well known and appreciated cars by major manufacturers.

The main reason for picking car models of 1960s-1990s era is to pay tribute to design and longevity ideology that stood behind those classic cars. Everything was built to last, and nothing can come close to the looks of classic cars.


Ford GT40 1966

Explore the best cars of 20th century in a new way

Although appearance of Retro Cartoon Cars is not realistic, main features, silhouette and details are all there, making them instantly recongizable. So, looking at these cars involves a bit of your imagination, as with any other artwork.

Main application of Retro Cartoon Cars (RCC) 3D models is, of course, video games. 15 models can make quite a car park for a cartoon style racing game. Small ones, like Cicada or Mini Cooper, can be used as starting option. Every other model is just a higher step towards the fastest of them all - Ferrari F40. F40 is the most detailed RCC yet, as there are many air intakes, and the engine is visible too.

RCC models can also be used as game environment decorations or become a part of 3D animation or movie. Since proportions are not too exaggerated, they should fit most cartoon/toy themes and art directions.


Peugeot 205 T16

Realistic and Cartoon Style Models

Main purpose of this website is to display Retro Cartoon Car collection, but there are several other projects to look at. You can see them in OTHER PROJECTS section. It contains realistic 3D models of cars, like Ferrari 312B from 1970 Formula 1 Championship and several street cars to be used as environment decorations.


Shelby Cobra 1966

High detail game-ready 3D models

Each car is a unique, artistic representation of real life counterpart, keeping every detail that makes it recognizable. Scale and proportions are, of course, changed to fit the cartoon style. This stands true to exterior design as well as interior - seats, steering wheel and dashboard are modelled to match the real car. Even gauge marks are drawn to look as close to reality as possible.

Retro Cartoon Cars have separate doors, wheels, glass elements and steering wheel. It makes it easy to add animations in game engine, create driveable car for racing game and apply different materials for body paint, interior, lamps, tyres etc.

3D models come with .PSD texture file, sized up to 8192x8192. Each file has unmerged layers, so you have freedom to edit everything. UV guides and Ambient Occlusion effect layers are included.


Mazda 787B 3D model

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